Climate Controlled Storage


Climate-Controlled Storage 


Preserve the Safety of Your Valuables with Climate-Controlled Storage in New Orleans

At Riverfront Self Storage, we understand the critical importance of protecting sensitive items from harsh environmental conditions. Our state-of-the-art climate-controlled storage units are meticulously designed to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels, ensuring that your delicate artwork, important paperwork, sensitive electronics, and more are preserved in pristine condition.


Benefits of Riverfront’s Climate-Controlled Storage

Consistent Temperature and Humidity Control

Our storage units maintain a stable environment, ensuring your items are protected from extreme weather. Advanced climate control technology keeps temperature and humidity at optimal levels, safeguarding your valuables.

Defense Against Dampness, Mold, and Pests

We ensure your belongings stay dry and free from mold and pests. Our well-maintained facilities are designed to prevent dampness and infestations, offering peace of mind for your stored items.

Dust Control

We prioritize a clean storage environment. Our units are designed to minimize dust accumulation, ensuring your belongings remain in pristine condition during storage.

Clean and Secure Units with Advanced Climate Control

Our units are not only clean but also equipped with the latest in climate control technology. This combination of cleanliness and advanced tech provides the ideal conditions for your valuables.

Flexible Solutions with Month-to-Month Leases

We offer flexibility to meet your changing needs. Our month-to-month leases provide the freedom to store items for as long or as short a period as you require without long-term commitments.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our knowledgeable team is committed to providing exceptional service. We're here to assist with all your storage needs, offering expert advice and personalized solutions.

Convenient Location with Top-Notch Security

Strategically located for easy access, our storage facilities boast top-notch security features. Enjoy the convenience of our location and the assurance of our comprehensive security measures.


Choosing Between Climate-Controlled and Non-Climate Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage at Riverfront Self Storage provides a consistent environment, crucial for items vulnerable to temperature fluctuations and humidity. Our units are perfect for protecting wooden and leather furniture, electronics, musical instruments, artwork, and other sensitive items from damage.

In contrast, non-climate-controlled units offer basic protection but may not be suitable for items sensitive to environmental changes, such as photographs, collectibles, and important documents.


Ideal Items for Climate-Controlled Storage

  • Electronics: Protect your TVs, computers, and gaming consoles from condensation and corrosion.
  • Furniture: Preserve the integrity of wood and leather under stable conditions.
  • Art and Photographs: Ensure your artwork and memories are shielded from damaging humidity and temperature changes.
  • Musical Instruments: Maintain the quality and integrity of your instruments.
  • Collectibles and Documents: Keep your valuable collectibles and important papers in mint condition.
  • Vehicles: Store your classic cars, motorcycles, and boats to prevent rust and mechanical issues.


Choose Riverfront Self Storage For Climate-Controlled Storage in New Orleans

Don’t compromise on the safety of your precious items. Our storage units are your best choice for preserving the quality and value of your belongings over time. 


Contact us today to learn more and rent your climate-controlled storage unit. With Riverfront Self Storage, you’re not just renting a space; you’re ensuring the best care for your valuables.